Sunday, January 8, 2012

:: busy here and there!

Hi all...this is my 1st entry for 2012... i think its not too late for me to wish all of u HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! :)

ok...lately i've been so busy preparing for my BIGGGG DAY...:) need to prepare everything less than 2months since we just decided the date for our wedding...:)

from date for nikah, reception, borang nikah, venue, catering, bridal, all the hantarans, goodies, everything!!!penat rupenya nak kawen ni kan..hehe..luckily we are going to held 1 event jek..share event..senang! :)

that 1 is preparation for kahwin, after kahwin many things need to be think. from rumah sewa, barang2 yg kena ada dlm rumah sewa...EVERYTHING! hadoiii....

hurmmm...for all...doakan kelancaran majlis kami ni nanti ye....thanks..:)
kepada semua yg mengenali...silalah dtg majlis kami ni nanti...:)

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