Saturday, January 8, 2011

:: email ini!!!!!!

Hi, Syahirah,

I cannot understand why you are unable to prepare the quotation for my car plated xxxxxxx?
xxxxxx Insurance...? its sound fishy !
I am yet authorize anyone to proceed ANY TRANSACTION on this matter.
kindly furnish information on this matter.
btw, kindly furnish me a official quotation for the xxxxxx instead of a "xls" file.
and stating description the charges for the RM80.
Many Thanks



me wrote:

Dear Mr xxxx
Attached quotation for ur action, as for your another car xxxxxxxxxxwe are unable to prepare the quotation as the NCD already taken by another insurance companyxxxxxxxx Kindly contact xxxxxxxxInsurance to release the NCD so that I can proceed for the renewal.

Thank you, any enquiries do not hesitate to call my direct line stated below.
Thanks and Regards,



hellooooooo................ko salahkan aku ke dlm hal ni???fyi....u yg dah transfer ur NCD to ur new car...thats why la u r entitled 0% for this year NCD...eeee...geramnye aku ngan cm ni.....da la kasik email sume org bley bace.pastu gune font sebesar2 alam!!!!!!.tapi aku tak kesah pon coz bukan aku yg salah pon!grrrr....ble aku da explain br la taw diri sendiri yg salah kan????aissshhh!!!!!!!kalu cmne ni la malas aku  nak continue case ni....grrrr...

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