Saturday, December 4, 2010


hye guys! welcome back!....rase da lame tak update...huhuu..

okok....i already started my new job at Ambank in Tropicana.for the time being evrythings run smoothly ;) Alhamdulillah...kerja pon tak start lagi...i still in a process of training.thank u Allah my colleagues are all OK...

ermmmm...sorry to those yg called or msg me during my work cant use my hp during my work hour...but still i will reply ur msg or call as soon as i check it ok ;) don worry....

aduhh...tak taw la nak  cite ape lagi...nanti2 bile2 da start keje betol2 for sure akan ade byk giler cite yg boleh dikongsikan thats all for now....bubye ;)

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