Friday, November 19, 2010

:: ALL DONE!!!

Yesterday....chatting with Vellore (India) student::

4:03pm:: hello ida. how r u?.

4:04pm:: hye fine ;)how about u?.

4:04pm:: yeah am fine...:).

4:05pm:: where r u rite now?at college or faculty?.

4:05pm:: in my lab....faculty.

4:05pm:: oic...

4:06pmh:: how was ur Celebrations yesterday for ur function..?yesterday it was hari raya right??.

4:11pm:: yup..Aidiladha ;)yesterday was fun::)what about u?whaht did u do yesterday?.

4:12pm:: ohh..good..we had some work yesterday in the faculty....

4:13pm:: ooo..still need to do work during holiday?hows ur work and supervisor?all ok? ;).

4:14pm:: yeah...all are ok..they are good...:).

4:14pm:: good!;)ermm..btw...nx week gonna be my last week working at UM ;).

4:15pm:: it..?? why is that so??.

4:16pm:: i'm going to work in other organization. i got better offer ;).

4:16pm:: ohh....good...congradulations....:)but UM will miss u.

4:17pm:: thank u ;)yaaa...i'm goin to miss UM too ;).

++++++yaaa....i'm goin to miss them all...CITRA, UM, cafe, all the international students.....and especially my, i'm here finishing my report...Thank You ALLAH...all DONE!!!++++++

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