Monday, October 11, 2010

:: for aTTy & RaD ;)

Title of Entry:: ...cik iDe...

tetibe terase bilik CITRA ni nt enaff space.huhuuu
sbb my mind bserabut...o what..?
really MESSY..
de whle weekend da spend to settle DAT damn CAPS.. n there...typing error,incorrect spelling..
warghhhh..!!!.wat the hell...
cik ATTY..u have to be more particular next time..
its juz smple mistake...
as a perfectionist...u shudn't do dat..
its suppose NOT in ur wrong LIST..
cik atty....y...???
wat in ur MIND actly time wat keje tuh..?
ta memasal..suppose tday be a GLORY monday fr u..
da transform jadik BLACK monday...

enaff...g sambung keje..
prof na jmpe kul 11..

"hope evrythng under cntroll..."
"ALLAH ta uji hambaNya di luar kemampuan hambaNya"
dear kak ide
even dis job smtimes memenatkn n wat cik atty tensen yg amat
but..whn i'm looking into ur eyes..
c ur smile
layan ur sengal..
i noe y u makin KURUS..
n noe u yakin i mampu wat keje ni
cik atty MUST not do any kak ide sake..

Title of Entry:: siyesly i bosan (edura,yus,idasyahirah,shanis pls read this )

-this one goes to Ida syahirah
-so suprise you follow on my blog!
-hihi thanx i went thru ur blog too
-nnt i folo eh
-u gf yop@safry kan, a.k.a my bf punye bestfren
-i wish u both get marry and happy ever after eh
-i ve met ur bf few time la .he knew my bf since darjah 2
-that why la my bf syg ur bf lebih drp i ;( (hihi)
-and yes he is very nice
-ade jgk dia story psl u tga nak further master eh
-wah so cool..i xlarat lor nak sambung tu..hihi. gudluc!
-hope u both happy salu ye..hihi
-i xtau u will read this or not but this is sincerely from my heart =)
-nice to know u
-if i still ngan caloi (my bf punye shortname among his close frens),
InsyaAllah i will attend your wedding nnt eh ;)
-feel free to keep in touch ng i ;)


to atty::
:: wat keje leklok k....
:: i trust u..u can do better than me...
:: i knew that u hv to workhard to meet the dateline...
:: now u know aite why is i'm sOooo by day... ;p
:: work smart..beTTer! ;)

to Rad::
:: welkam dear...
:: i wish too for u & caLoi get marry and happily ever after k...
:: just went thru ur blog...
:: jGn nangeh2 lagi k...
:: cHiLL raD! cHiLL!
:: sMiLe always dear ;)

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