Thursday, July 22, 2010


Problems are getting closer to me...OMG....why problems??why u have to come in this GREAT July???huuu..ok lets straight to the point...hurmmm...

first: i just received an email from *** ofis. they ASK us to settle up an application from Japan...this is not supposed to be like this...i'm still in a problem with those students from uae...please3....u didnt give me enough time to sort this out...ok...i understood that they will come on October..this is not a matter of workloads but this is a matter of TIME!!!!!how come they think it will be settled in this short time???Malaysia and Japan is not like Selangor to Perak.....i need to email fact we dont have a same 'waktu' with them....hurmmm....i'm afraid i cant do this just like they need me to DO!

second: problems to settle the application for *****+** and *****...after few problems settled, new problems turn up.i tried to help them as 'yang termampu'...but they still need to wait for those approval letters or else they cant come to Msia.i don want them to face a problems if they come here without those docs....

third: we cant provide u guys with a 'mewah2 things'.but just email me problems that u r facing and i tried to gv it to the management...lets them make a decision...huhuu...:'(

the conclusions are....THEY need to have a BIG DISCUSSION with all the persons 'WHOM IT MAY CONCERN'...please...provide me with a RIGHT PROCEDURE that need to be done...PLEASE...i am NOBODY who can make decision on my own...please GUIDE  me to do so.....PLEASEEEEEE!!!!! i don wanna waste my time doing the same things that arent right...why we need to make it harder if in just 1 BIG DISCUSSION, we can make things in the right path and make it smoothly...??? huhuuu... :(

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Azli Razali said...

best nya dapat paris!