Friday, June 18, 2010

::Bisnes....anybody interested???

I've been *INVITED* (is it a suitable word???) to join the MLM business.....huhuuu....actually i am NOT interested to join that kind of bisness...or frankly speaking, i'm not INTERESTED to join ANY business!!!

but since my abg angkat who always called me KELING (i called him KELING GEDIK!). He persuade me to join that MLM bisness and arrange me for a talk with his fren. I met his fren last Wednesday...u know what??? she fetched me with her jap...nek kete beso la katekan...hahaa~~

That kakak brought me to Old Town White Coffee near Vista Angkasa....she explained me those things..about the MLM...about the bonus which i can get after join the bisnes few months after (my abg angkat already mms me his cheque...he got!)

This bisness is sounds interesting.usaha sikit then u can gain a profit..but i'm not so into i wanna ask u guys.....ANYBODY interested?????just PM me.... ;)

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